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[ # Wishlist # ] stunning dresses from #Muee

by - 2/23/2017 11:52:00 AM

Hi beauties how are you? :D
I hope you're doing great :) Yesterday I found a great website while surfing the internet and so I decided to make a wishlist for you ladies! I bet you'll love this selection!
The website I'm talking about is Muee :D
Here you can find a lot of great dresses for weddings, Homecoming dresses, Evening dresses, Cocktail dresses, First Communion dresses and so on...
All their dresses are stunning so I decided to pick just three dresses for three specific categories :D
First of all I wanna show you three dresses from the category Wedding dresses they are absolutely STUNNING!
Here is my selection for this category :D

    The next three instead are from the category Bridesmaids dresses :D
    I've decided to pick just three of them but they were all stunning! *_*

    The last category from which I decided to pick three dress is... Prom dresses!
    I love these dresses so much *_*

    Do you like this selection? Let me know in the comment below :D


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    18 commenti

    1. Great post😊

    2. all items are gorgeous Lory!!

    3. Bellissima selezione, amo quelli con la gonna ampia e il colore di quello sul turchese :D

    4. Great post dear Lory.
      I like this selection.


    5. Hey!
      I saw your blog and I liked, I am following u now and I hope u can visit my blog and follow me too (-: Have a good day (:

    6. cool!

    7. Great post!

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